Watling Street

Watling Street is the name given to an ancient trackway in England and Wales that was first used by the Britons mainly between the modern cities of Canterbury and St Albans. The Romans later paved the route, part of which is identified on the Antonine Itinerary as Iter III: "Item a Londinio ad portum Dubris" - from London to the port of Dover. Its route is now covered by the A2 road from Dover to London, and the A5 road from London to Wroxeter.

The name derives from the Old English Wæcelinga Stræt. Originally the word "street" simply meant a paved road (Latin: "via strata"), and did not have the modern association with populated areas.

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A442 Road - History
... Saxon bounds of Wolverley before being joined by the great street at Shatterford ... was part of the Madeley turnpike district, going to the Bucks Head on Watling Street ... Balls Hill in Dawley to Bucks Head was discontibued in favour of an alternative route to Watling Street ...
Other Watling Streets
... Dyke, from Grim, a name of Woden ) also came to be known as Watling Street, with perhaps a similar Old English etymology owing to its path into the ... This route is also known as Dere Street ... This may also be the case for another Watling Street in Lancashire, which runs from Manchester (Mamucium) via Affetside to Ribchester (Bremetennacum), and hence ultimately led to another 'foreign land' in Saxon times ...
Boadiccea - History - Location of Her Defeat
... Midlands, somewhere along the Roman road now known as Watling Street ... close to High Cross in Leicestershire, on the junction of Watling Street and the Fosse Way, which would have allowed the Legio II Augusta, based at Exeter, to ... suggested another possibility, and a thorough examination of a stretch of Watling Street between St ...
Lactodurum - Watling Street
... In Roman times, the Watling Street road (now the A5) was built through the area and Lactodorum, probably a garrison fort, was established on the site of the present day town ... of north-south road which became part of the Roman Watling Street and an east-west cattle drovers road (now a minor road called 'cow pastures'), and that there was a ... Two candidate sites for the Battle of Watling Street, fought in 61AD, are located close to the town, these are Church Stowe which is located 7 km to the north and ...
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... There is a parish noticeboard on Watling Street ... The eastern border of the parish is Watling Street, a Roman road - the other side of this lane is Craven Arms parish ... A small number of holiday cottages now exist in the parish, on Long Lane and Watling Street ...

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