Water Resources Management in Mexico - Water Resources Management By Sector

Water Resources Management By Sector

Water withdrawal per sector in 2005
Withdrawal Freshwater Groundwater Total %
hm³ acre feet hm³ acre feet hm³ acre feet
Agriculture (a) 39,545.0 32,059,700 19,176.0 15,546,200 58,721.3 47,606,100 76.8
Domestic 3,879.0 3,144,800 6,824.5 5,532,700 10,703.5 8,677,500 14.0
Industrial (d) 5,347.2 4,335,000 1,736.4 1,407,700 7,083.6 5,742,800 9.3
Total 48,771.5 39,539,700 27,736.9 22,486,700 76,508.4 62,026,400 100

(a) Including livestock and aquaculture (b) Including hydropower

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