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  • The American Version of the Television show Shameless features an adolescent girl named Ethel who is left pregnant by a fundamentalist church leader who resembles Jeffs and is also in prison for fathering children with underage girls.
  • On January 23, 2007 CTV aired a made-for-TV movie titled In God's Country which tells a fictionalized tale that alludes to FLDS and their behaviors and beliefs.
  • The HBO show Big Love contains a scene where Roman Grant (played by Harry Dean Stanton), the leader of a fictional fundamentalist and polygamist sect, observes Warren Jeffs being arrested. He refers to him as a pervert and worries that he will ruin things for other polygamist sects.
  • The Season 3, Episode 12 "Nine Wives" of Numb3rs was based on the FLDS Church. The episode follows the FBI's search for a pedophilic polygamist fugitive.
  • The Ultimate Sin, a film shown by True Movies, concerns a similar, fictional cult and cites the case of Warren Jeffs as an example.
  • The Big Gay Sketch Show which airs on Logo had a fictionalization of Warren Jeffs set to the format of Bravo's Real Housewives series.
  • Follow the Prophet, 2009, a film about a young girl threatened with sexual abuse who fought against "the Prophet", leader of a fundamentalist church.

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