Walter Reed Medal

The Walter Reed Medal may refer to a Congressional Gold Medal awarded in 1929, or a medal currently awarded by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. There have also been a number of privately issued commemorative medals in honor of Walter Reed.

The Congressional Gold Medal was awarded by Congress on February 28, 1929 (Public Law 70-858, 45 Stat. 1409) to each of the persons listed below, "in special recognition of the high public service rendered and disabilities contracted in the interest of humanity and science as voluntary subjects for the experimentations during the yellow-fever investigations in Cuba"

  • Aristides Agramonte
  • James A. Andrus
  • John R. Bullard
  • James Carroll
  • Doctor R. P. Cooke
  • A. W. Covington
  • William H. Dean
  • Thomas M. England
  • Levi E. Folk
  • Wallace W. Forbes
  • Paul Hamann
  • James L. Hanberry
  • James Hildebrand
  • Warren G. Jernegan
  • John R. Kissinger
  • Jesse W. Lazear
  • John J. Moran
  • William Olsen
  • Walter Reed
  • Charles G. Sonntag
  • Edward Weaterwalks
  • Clyde L. West

On July 2, 1956, Congress passed a law (70 Stat. 484) to include Gustaf E. Lambert on the list.

On September 2, 1958, Congress passed a law (72 Stat. 1702) to include Roger P. Ames on the list.

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