Wallace (surname) - People


  • A. J. Wallace (American football), American football player
  • Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist and biologist, who identified the Wallace Line and co-discovered natural selection
  • Andy Wallace (producer)
  • Andy Wallace (racing driver)
  • Aria Wallace
  • Barbara Brooks Wallace
  • Barret Wallace, fictional character in Final Fantasy VII
  • Ben Wallace, NBA basketball player
  • Ben Wallace (UK politician)
  • Beryl Wallace
  • Bess Truman (born Elizabeth Virginia Wallace)
  • Beth Wallace
  • Bill Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Bob Wallace (1949–2002), early Microsoft employee
  • Bob Wallace (footballer born 1948), English footballer
  • Bob Wallace (footballer born 1893) (1893–1970), footballer for Nottingham Forest
  • Bob Wallace (American football) (born 1945), former American football wide receiver and tight end
  • Bob Wallace, racing driver from New Zealand who was instrumental in the founding of automaker Lamborghini
  • Bobby Wallace (American football) (born 1954), college football coach at West Alabama
  • Bobby Wallace (baseball) (1873–1960), Baseball Hall of Fame member
  • Bronwen Wallace
  • Christine Wallace (1960), Australian journalist and author
  • Christopher Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Chris Wallace-Crabbe (1934), Australian poet
  • Colin Wallace
  • Dan Wallace
  • Daniel Wallace (author)
  • Danny Wallace (humourist)
  • David Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Dee Wallace
  • Derek Wallace, baseball player
  • DeWitt Wallace
  • Doc Wallace, baseball player
  • Don Wallace, baseball player
  • Donald Mackenzie Wallace (1841–1919), British public servant, editor and foreign correspondent of The Times
  • Edgar Wallace, British crime writer
  • Ernest Wallace, historian
  • Euan Wallace
  • Foy E. Wallace
  • Frank Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • George Wallace (1919-1998), former Governor of Alabama
  • George Wallace (comedian), US comedian
  • George Wallace (poet), US poet
  • George Wallace, Jr.
  • George W. Wallace, Philippine-American War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Gerald Wallace, NBA basketball player
  • Harold Wallace
  • Heather Wallace, Canadian squash player
  • Henry A. Wallace, former Vice President of the United States
  • Henry Cantwell Wallace
  • Herman C. Wallace (1924–1945), US soldier
  • Huck Wallace, baseball player
  • Ian Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Irving Wallace
  • I. T. A. Wallace-Johnson (Isaac Wallace-Johnson)
  • Jack Wallace, baseball player
  • James Wallace (Royal Navy officer)
  • Jean Wallace
  • Jerry Wallace
  • Jessie Wallace
  • Jim Wallace, Baron Wallace of Tankerness, British politician and former Deputy First Minister of Scotland
  • J. M. Wallace-Hadrill
  • Jock Wallace, Jr.
  • John Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Jonathan Wallace
  • Jonathan H. Wallace
  • Joseph Wallace
  • Ken Wallace
  • Ken Wallace (cricketer) (born 1936), English cricketer
  • Kenny Wallace
  • Kevin Wallace
  • Kirby L. Wallace
  • Lee Wallace, professional footballer for Hearts
  • Lew Wallace, U.S. Civil War general and author
  • Lila Bell Wallace
  • Lurleen Wallace
  • Malcolm Wallace
  • Marcia Wallace
  • Marjorie Wallace
  • Marjorie Wallace (SANE), CEO of SANE, the mental health charity
  • Mark Wallace, Welsh cricketer
  • Mark Wallace, American politician
  • Martin Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Mary Wallace
  • Merv Wallace
  • Michael Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Michele Wallace, African American feminist
  • Mike Wallace (baseball), baseball player
  • Minik Wallace
  • Naomi Wallace
  • Nick Wallace
  • Nicole Wallace, fictional character on the TV drama series Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • Perry Wallace, American law professor and first African American athlete in the Southeastern Conference
  • Randall Wallace, U.S. writer and film director
  • Raphael Wallace (born 1957), Nevisian cricketer
  • Rasheed Wallace, NBA basketball player
  • Raymond L. Wallace
  • Richard Wallace (director)
  • Richard Wallace (journalist)
  • Richard Wallace (scientist), artificial intelligence researcher
  • Sir Richard Wallace, 1st Baronet
  • Robert Wallace (disambiguation) — several people
  • Rod Wallace
  • Ross Wallace
  • Rowena Wallace
  • Rusty Wallace, NASCAR driver
  • Samuel Thomas Dickson Wallace
  • Sanford Wallace
  • Seneca Wallace
  • Simon Wallace, British composer
  • Sippie Wallace
  • Steve Wallace (American football)
  • Steve Wallace (NASCAR)
  • Stewart Wallace (1960–), American composer
  • Terry Wallace
  • Tommy Lee Wallace
  • William Wallace (disambiguation) — several people

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