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In the 2008 Presidential Election, Republican John McCain received 60.7% of the vote here (9,243 ballots), outpolling Democrat Barack Obama, who received 36.9% (5,607), with 15,215 of 19,601 registered voters participating, for a turnout percentage of 77.6%. In the 2004 Presidential Election, Republican George W. Bush received 64.4% of the vote here (9,434 ballots), outpolling Democrat John Kerry, who received 34.2% (5,013), with 14,648 of 18,748 registered voters participating, for a turnout percentage of 78.1%.

In the 2009 Gubernatorial Election, Republican Chris Christie received 70.0% of the vote (7,695 ballots), ahead of both Democrat Jon Corzine with 23.1% (2,542) and Independent Chris Daggett with 5.5% (604), with 10,994 of 19,085 registered voters participating (turnout of 57.6%).

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