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Use of Funds

According to the "Solicitation for Charitable Purposes Card" printed on the back of a solicitation for funds for the National Breast Cancer Research Center ("a project of the Walker Cancer Research Institute") sent out in September 2010, in the last fiscal year, WCRI raised a total of $12,568, 927. Of these funds, 52.11% were used for fundraising, 0.94% for administration, and 43.14% for "public education in conjunction with fundraising appeals". The public education portion of the solicitation consists of an approximately 1/8 page list of "risk factors for breast cancer" on the back side of the solicitation. Overall, 52.11% + 43.14% (95.25%) of all donations go to either direct or indirect fundraising costs. The card states that 3.81% of funds go directly to research program services (38 cents out of a $10.00 donation). Thus, of the $12,568,927 raised by WCRI, $478,876.11 went directly to research. As a comparison, an NIH grant awarded to a single Investigator for a specific research study typically ranges from $25,000 to $250,000.

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