Chief Walkara (aka Wakara or Walker) (ca. 1808 - 1855) was a Native American leader of the Timpanogos Tribe, with a reputation as a diplomat, horseman and warrior, and a military leader in the Walker War.

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Black Hawk War (1865–1872) - Causes
... from a Ute perspective were given in the words of Chief Walkara in an interview with interpreter M ... He (Walkara) said that he had always been opposed to the whites setling on the Indian lands, particularly that portion which he claims and on which his band resides and on which they ... One likely reason for this invitation was for Walkara to obtain cattle to feed his people ...
Black Hawk War (1865–1872) - Timeline
... Allred's Settlement (now Spring City) 12 May 1854 - Chief Walkara and Brigham Young make peace settlement in Juab County. 1855 - Walkara died ... His brother Arapeen succeeded Walkara as chief ...
Wakara War
... The Wakara or Walkara War was a low intensity conflict between Chief Walkara (Circa 1808-1855) and his Ute band and Mormon settlers in present day south ... of the history could not pronounce Walkara ... Springville, Utah when one of Walkara's tribe was killed in an altercation with local settlers in a trade dispute ...