Walk Like A Man (The Sopranos)

Walk Like A Man (The Sopranos)

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"Walk Like a Man" is the eighty-second episode of the HBO television series The Sopranos. It is the fifth episode of the second half of the show's sixth season, the seventeenth episode of the season overall. It was written and directed by executive producer Terence Winter in his directorial debut. It originally aired on May 6, 2007 and was watched by 7.16 million viewers.

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Walk Like A Man (The Sopranos) - Music
... Tony sings a few verses from Comfortably Numb"by Pink Floyd as he descends the stairs at the start of the episode ... The song playing while Tony is flirting with a stripper at the Bada Bing is Emma"by Hot Chocolate ... While Jason Parisi is talking to Tony at the Bada Bing,"Body Burn"by Cubanate and Supermassive Black Hole"by Muse are played ...

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