Wage Stabilization

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Roger Putnam - Federal Service - Remaining Tenure At ESA
... harder to maintain the Truman administration's wage and price stabilization program ... Putnam was forced to give aluminum workers a 21.4 cents an hour wage increase just days later in order to avoid a strike ... But he later imposed new wage restrictions on nine large classes of small businesses and strict limitations on the kind of Christmas gifts employers could give to workers in order to avoid a spike in ...
Roger Putnam - Federal Service - The Steel Seizure Crisis
... Steelmakers refused to grant any wage increase without a guarantee that the Office of Price Stability (OPS), a subdivision of the ESA, would grant a price ... The union, however, was pushing the Wage Stabilization Board (WSB), another ESA agency, to grant the workers a significantly higher wage ... convinced that the key to taming inflation was to break the price/wage spiral in which higher wages pushed prices higher, only to induce workers to seek even higher wages to overcome the ...

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