Vsg Genes

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Trypanosoma Brucei - VSG Coat - VSG Expression
... One major focus in trypanosome research is how the majority of VSG genes are kept silent, and how these genes are switched ... The expressed VSG is always located in an Expression Site - found at the telomeres of the large and intermediate chromosomes ... Each is a polycistronic unit, containing a number of Expression Site-Associated Genes (ESAGs) all expressed along with the active VSG ...
Antigenic Variation in Protozoa - Trypanosoma Brucei
... known as the variant surface glycoprotein (VSG) ... However, the host eventually identifies the VSG as a foreign antigen and mounts an attack against the microbe ... evolved an elegant mechanism to display a completely new coat of VSG antigen, rendering it once again invisible to the host’s immune system ...

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