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Flesh And Blood (Star Trek: Voyager) - Plot - Part II
... Meanwhile, the Voyager crew struggles to repair the ship in Torres' absence, and Janeway learns that the Doctor betrayed and abandoned the ship, and wonders if his matrix may have been ... On Voyager, the crew has no luck locating the Holograms ... except for Donik, and the new Alpha-Hirogen threatens to turn the Voyager crew into prey if they interfere with their hunt ...
Borg (Star Trek) - Character History - Voyager
... Borg make frequent appearances in Star Trek Voyager, which takes place in the Delta Quadrant, the region of space from which the Borg are believed to have originated ... The Borg are first discovered by Voyager in the third season episode "Unity", Chakotay discovers a population of ex-Borg of various species ... safe passage through Borg space, the Voyager crew devises a way to destroy the otherwise immune Species 8472 ...
Kes (Star Trek) - Character Biography
... In the series pilot, Kes is taken on board the USS Voyager crew with her partner, Neelix, who was responsible for rescuing her from the Kazon ... During her time aboard Voyager, Kes develops a close friendship with the Doctor while working as his assistant medical technician ... and helps the Doctor learn how to interact more easily with the crew ...

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    Nor aught availed him now
    To have built in heav’n high tow’rs; nor did he scape
    By all his engines, but was headlong sent
    With his industrious crew to build in hell.
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    What I like, or one of the things I like, about motoring is the sense it gives one of lighting accidentally, like a voyager who touches another planet with the tip of his toe, upon scenes which would have gone on, have always gone on, will go on, unrecorded, save for this chance glimpse. Then it seems to me I am allowed to see the heart of the world uncovered for a moment.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)