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The City In The Autumn Stars - Plot Summary
... Fleeing from the Reign of Terror in 1793, Manfred von Bek (the Ritter von Bek), once a valued revolutionary, leaves Paris and heads towards Switzerland, with the ... Close to Vaud, von Bek, who is masquerading as a messenger carrying secret documents, meets Robert de Montsorbier ... Following polite conversation, Montsorbier accuses von Bek of being a traitor, and von Bek flees towards the border ...
The City In The Autumn Stars
... The City in the Autumn Stars Being a Continuation of the Story of the Von Bek Family and Its Association With Lucifer, Prince of Darkness is a science fantasy novel by ... The second book in the Von Bek trilogy, it was published by Grafton in 1986 ... The story centres on the characters of Manfred von Bek, a descendant of Ulrich von Bek, who is also the protagonist of the previous book in the series (The War Hound and the World's Pain ...
The War Hound And The World's Pain
... the World's Pain is a 1981 fantasy novel by Michael Moorcock, the first of the "von Bek" series of novels ... Its hero Ulrich von Bek is a mercenary and freethinker, who finds himself a damned soul in a castle owned by Lucifer ... Much to his surprise, von Bek is charged by Lucifer with doing God's work, by finding the Holy Grail, the "cure for the world's pain," that will also cure Lucifer's pain by reconciling him with God ...

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