Volar may refer to:

  • Volar, Afghanistan
  • Flight
  • Volar Airlines
  • Project VOLAR, or Project Volunteer Army a US Army post-Vietnam war programme
  • Anatomical terms of location#Relative_directions_in_the_limbs
    • Volar arches
    • Volar branch of ulnar nerve
    • Volar radioulnar ligament
    • Volar carpal branch (disambiguation)
    • Volar carpal ligament
    • Volar digital veins
    • Volar interosseous artery
    • Volar interosseous branch
    • Volar interosseous nerve

Other articles related to "volar":

Palmar Plate - Structure
... In its proximal end, the volar plate becomes membranous and blends with the volar capsule which is attached to the head of the metacarpal bone ... the proximal phalanx is facilitated by the shape of the proximal edge, known as the volar recess, but this diaphanous end of the volar plate is also the part of the metacarpophalangeal joint that ... while (2) restricting hyperextension and compression and (3) protecting the volar articular surface ...
Madelung's Deformity - Pathogenesis
... Madelung deformity of the wrist is caused by a growth disturbance in the inferior volar part of the epiphysial growth plate in the distal radius resulting in a volar placed ... This produces volar translation of the hand and wrist ...
Volar, Afghanistan
... Volar (also Romanized as Volār, Ulyar, Ular, Wulāṟ) is a town in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan ...
Palmar Plate - Metacarpophalangeal Joints
... In the MCP joints, the four volar plates of the fingers and the capsules within which they lie are blended with and interconnected by the deep transverse ... on each side of the metacarpal heads are sagittal bands that connect the volar plates to the tendon of the extensor digitorum and to the extensor expansion ... These bands help stabilise the volar plates over the metacarpal heads ...
Dodge Aspen - Production History - Recalls
... The Aspen and Volaré are perhaps best known within the industry for a series of product recalls, caused by defects, that nearly bankrupted Chrysler and ... Chrysler recalled every 1976 and 1977 Aspen and Volaré for possible replacement of the front fenders, which were prematurely rusting ... on several Dodges, Plymouths, and Chryslers, including the Aspens and Volarés, due to their tendency to stall, as well as having numerous problems with their ...