Voiced Bilabial Fricative - Occurrence


In the following transcriptions, the undertack diacritic may be used to indicate an approximant .

Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Akei 'four'
Alekano hanuva 'nothing'
Amharic አበባ 'flower'
Angor fufung 'horn'
Basque alaba 'daughter' Allophone of /b/.
Berta 'no'
Catalan rebost 'larder' Allophone of /b/. See Catalan phonology
Dutch Belgian wang 'cheek' Some dialects. Corresponds to in standard Belgian Dutch. See Dutch phonology
Maastrichtian Corresponds to in standard Dutch. See Dutch phonology
Dahalo 'to want'
Ewe Eʋe 'Ewe language'
Japanese 神戸市 be-shi 'Kobe' Allophone of /b/. Only in fast speech between vowels. See Japanese phonology
Kabyle bri 'to cut'
Occitan Gascon la-vetz 'then' Allophone of /b/.
Portuguese European bado 'Saturday' Allophone of /b/ in northern and central dialects. See Portuguese phonology
Riverense Portuñol brabo 'angry' Allophone of /b/.
Spanish lava 'lava' Allophone of /b/. See Spanish phonology
Turkmen watan 'country'
Zapotec Tilquiapan Allophone of /b/

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