Virtual Desktop

In computing, a virtual desktop is a term used with respect to user interfaces, usually within the WIMP paradigm, to describe ways in which the virtual space of a computer's desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen's display area through the use of software. This compensates for a limited desktop area and can also be helpful in reducing clutter. There are two major approaches to expanding the virtual area of the screen. Switchable virtual desktops allow the user to make virtual copies of their desktop view-port and switch between them, with open windows existing on single virtual desktops. Another approach is to expand the size of a single virtual screen beyond the size of the physical viewing device. Typically, scrolling/panning a subsection of the virtual desktop into view is used to navigate an oversized virtual desktop.

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... window manager derived from twm to which it adds the virtual desktop feature from swm ... Unlike most more recent virtual window managers, tvtwm models the root window as a single large space, with the physical desktop being a viewport onto that virtual root window ... user can scroll the viewport around the virtual desktop either by pressing certain keys or by clicking into a scaled down representation of the virtual desktop, the so-called panner ...
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... In early 2005, Win4Lin introduced Win4Lin Pro Desktop, based on a 'tuned' version of QEMU and KQEMU and it hosts NT-versions of Windows ... In June 2006, Win4Lin released Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server based on the same code base ... Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server serves Microsoft Windows sessions to thin clients from a Linux server ...
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... Be Incorporated's discontinued BeOS includes an implementation of virtual desktops called "Workspaces" ...
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... On the client side, Sun offered virtual desktop solutions ... Desktop environments and applications could be hosted in a datacenter, with users accessing these environments from a wide range of client devices, including ... Virtual desktop products included Sun Ray Server Software, Sun Secure Global Desktop and Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ...

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