Virgil Widrich - Filmography


  • My Homelife (A 1980) 6 mins. (Documentary about an old house)
  • Gebratenes Fleisch (A 1980) 11 mins. (Crime thriller about the murder of a woman in a restaurant)
  • 3 mal Ulf (A 1980) 12 mins. (Documentary about Arnulf Komposch)
  • Auch Farbe kann träumen (A 1981) 12 mins. (Animated cartoon in which a worm and a little man flee from the destruction of the environment)
  • Monster in Salzburg (A 1982) 12 mins. (Animated film in which a monster goes on the rampage in Salzburg)
  • Vom Geist der Zeit (A 1983–1985) 112 mins. (An assortment of many different genres)
  • tx-transform (A 1998) 5 mins. (Experimental animated film using intriguing techniques)
  • Heller als der Mond (Brighter than the Moon) (Europe 2000) 88 mins. (Comedy about being a foreigner in Vienna)
  • Copy Shop (A 2001) 12 mins. (A man copies himself until he fills the entire world)
  • LinksRechts (A, F 2001) 4 mins. (Interviews on the subject of "Left and right in film and politics")
  • Fast Film (A, LUX 2003) 14 mins. (animated film with printed scraps of other films telling the story of a chase)

Since 2008: Project development of Virgil Virgil Widrich's next feature film "Die Nacht der tausend Stunden" ("The Night of a Thousand Hours"). Since 2011 project development for a feature length animated film titles "Micromeo".

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