Vienna International Airport - Terminal - Concourses


Area D (formerly area A) ("pier east"): Gates D21–D29 (only jetbridges), D31–D37 (only buses), D61–D70 (only buses) Serving international flights. The passport-control is located at entrance of pier east. There are gates with jetbridges and busgates)

Area B: Gates B22–B43 (only buses) Is only serving Schengen flights.

Area C ("pier west"): Gates C31–C42 (only jetbridges), C35–C41 transfer gates, C71–C75 (only buses) Several gates are used for Schengen flights but also for international flights (the passport control for those flights proceeds directly at the gates). The busgates C71-C75 serve only Schengen flights.

Area F ("pier south") Gates F01-F37 (jetbridges as well as busgates) Is only serving Schengen flights and is situated on level 1. These gates are used by Austrian Airlines for all Schengen flights and most of Star Alliance members.

Area G ("pier south") Gates G01-G37 (jetbridges as well as busgates) Is only serving international flights. It is situated on level 3 and uses the same jetbridges and busgates like area F. These gates are used by Austrian Airlines for all international flights and other Star Alliance members.

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