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In 1983 Videon had two channels left for pay-tv. It used just one of them, choosing to offer the national First Choice service on channel 22. Videon claimed at the time that they might be able to make channel 23 (J) available for another pay-tv service, having to choose between C-Channel or Superchannel. But they did not follow through on this, possibly because of co-channel interference.

A long-time dispute between Videon Cable-tv and MTS over ownership of the wiring and poles used to carry the signal caused Videon to get far behind other cablecos. in offering an expanded channel lineup. Both parties were very stubborn for several years, hindering the growth of cable TV service in Winnipeg.

However, it wasn't until a full cable rebuild in the summer of 1987 that Videon was able to offer the other pay television services (1).

Videon used the Zenith Z-Tac cable scrambling system to keep its pay-tv signals from theft. This was an advanced addressable system where each descrambler has an ID, similar to an IP address on a computer today.

Beginning June 28, 1991, Videon added three U.S. Superstations to its pay-tv lineup: WTBS Atlanta (cable 33), WGN Chicago (cable 34), and WSBK Boston (cable 35).

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