Video Memory

Video memory is a term generally used in computers to describe some form of writable memory, usually RAM, dedicated to the purpose of holding the information necessary for a graphics card to drive a display device. In modern 3D graphics cards, the video memory may also hold 3D vector data, textures, backbuffers, overlays and GPU programs, and sometimes takes the form of a Shared Memory Architecture (SMA).

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Comx-35 - Hardware - Video Interface System
... The COMX used the RCA CDP1869 and CDP1870 Video Interface System (VIS), consisting of the CDP1869 address and sound generator and the CDP1870 colour video generator ... Video memory could only be accessed during the non display period which allowed for execution of 2160 machine cycles on a PAL and 1574 on an NTSC machine ... indicated maximum number of machine cycles video memory could be accessed during the interrupt routine ...
List Of Home Computers By Video Hardware - The Importance of Having Capable Video Hardware - Video Arbitration Logic
... One major problem that early computer video hardware had to overcome was the Video bus arbitration problem ... The problem was to give the video hardware (VDU) continuous read access to the video RAM, while at the same time the CPU also had to access the same RAM ... implement because the logic circuits, and video memory chips of the time did not have the switching speed they have now ...
Turbo Cache
... TurboCache technology is a method of allowing video cards more available framebuffer memory by using both onboard video memory and main system memory ... Main memory is accessed using the high-bandwidth PCI-Express bus ... cost/performance ratio by reducing the amount of memory modules on the video card ...
MSX Video Access Method
... The first MSX computers used the TMS9918A Video Display processor (VDP), which had its own 16K of video memory that was not shared with main memory ... This has the advantage that the limited memory range of a 8-bit processor, (the Z80) which had a 16-bit address bus, and was thus limited to just 64K, could be used more ... The disadvantage was that the CPU could not have direct access to the Video RAM, but had to command the VDP to manipulate the contents of the video RAM ...

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