Video Game Music Culture

Video Game Music Culture

Video game music, with the help of the internet, has developed into its own culture with many extensions beyond existence as a body of musical work.

Fans of video game music have convened on the net and in person in various capacities. Many inspired communities have flourished as a result, despite not being directly involved with video games or game production. Fans have recorded human performances of game music, both in concert and in the studio. Some have also taken a more technical approach, such as the chiptune and mod communities that emulate the sound adapters from older computers and consoles. Other more technically focused cultures develop or use emulators to play back sound files from the original game data or archive them for others to use.

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    I recently learned something quite interesting about video games. Many young people have developed incredible hand, eye, and brain coordination in playing these games. The air force believes these kids will be our outstanding pilots should they fly our jets.
    Ronald Reagan (b. 1911)

    ... good and evil appear to be joined in every culture at the spine.
    Flannery O’Connor (1925–1964)

    This music crept by me upon the waters,
    Allaying both their fury and my passion
    With its sweet air; thence have I followed it,
    Or it hath drawn me rather.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    It is among the ranks of school-age children, those six- to twelve-year-olds who once avidly filled their free moments with childhood play, that the greatest change is evident. In the place of traditional, sometimes ancient childhood games that were still popular a generation ago, in the place of fantasy and make- believe play . . . today’s children have substituted television viewing and, most recently, video games.
    Marie Winn (20th century)

    The indispensable ingredient of any game worth its salt is that the children themselves play it and, if not its sole authors, share in its creation. Watching TV’s ersatz battles is not the same thing at all. Children act out their emotions, they don’t talk them out and they don’t watch them out. Their imagination and their muscles need each other.
    Leontine Young (20th century)