Venezuelan Waltz

Venezuelan Waltz

Among the hall dances that arrived to Venezuela during the 19th century, waltz has been one of the most populars. Waltz consists of a musical expression derived from an Austrian popular dance, the ländler. Although an exact date cannot be defined about the arrival of the waltz to Venezuela, can be assured that for half-full of the 20th century it became present in the Venezuelan musical writing, registering scores in the New method for guitar and harp,

According to Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera two currents in waltz exist, the hall and the popular waltz. At the hall waltz the favorite instrument for its execution is the piano. They emphasize names of Manuel Azpúrua, Manuel Guadalajara, Rafael Isaza, Rogelio Caraballo and Ramon Delgado Palacios at the beginning of this genre in Venezuela, that were dedicated to the composition of two parts waltzes. From this, composer Antonio Lauro, took an important waltz Literature for the saxophone.

The waltz of oral tradition (popular waltz) uses for its execution the own traditional instruments of each region, being cultivated fundamentally at the Andes and the center west of Venezuela. At the andean region, the violin and the bandola are the solo instruments, accompanied by guitar, triple and cuatro. Also in Lara is executed with: violin, mandolin, cuatro and guitar.

The musical structure characteristic of popular waltzes is of three parts. Even though some popular musicians have composed songs with their name, the majority has left their compositions in the anonymity. In the popular tradition we can find the waltz in many dances and folklorical manifestations, like in the joropo and Tamunangue.

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