Venad Swarupam (Kingdom of Quilon) (Vēṇāṭ, Malayalam: വേണാട്, Tamil: வேநாடு) was one of the three prominent late medieval Hindu feudal kingdoms on Malabar Coast, south India, along with Kingdom of Calicut and Kingdom of Cannanore.

The rulers of Quilon (called Venattadi Kulasekharas) traces their relations back to the Ay kingdom and the Later Cheras (Kulasekharas). The last ruler of the Later Chera Kingdom, Rama Varma Kulashekhara, was the first ruler of an independent state of Quilon. In the early 14th century, King Ravi Varma established a short-lived supremacy over southern India. But after his death, Quilon only included most of modern day Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram districts of Kerala state, and Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. Marco Polo claimed to have visited his capital at Quilon, a centre of commerce and trade with China and the Levant. Europeans were attracted to the region during the late fifteenth century, primarily in pursuit of the then rare commodity, black pepper. Quilon was the forerunner to the Kingdom of Travancore.

A new calendar was established by Quilon rulers called 'Kolla Varsham' (Malayalam calendar). The calendar started in AD 825 with the reopening the capital Quilon.

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... His mother was adopted from the royal house of Kolathunad in 1718 by the then King of Venad into the Travancore Royal Family ... the Ettuveetil Pillamar as also enemies of Venad such as the Rajah of Kayamkulam ... by annexing kingdom after kingdom up to the Cochin to Venad ...
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... Varma Kulashekhara (1090–1102) mentioned in Rameswarathukoil Inscription as the founder of Venad as an independent state ... Pandya kings asserted their dominance over Venad during his reign ...
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... Venad was a former feudal state at the tip of the Indian Subcontinent, traditionally ruled by the rajas, known as Venattadis ... When the Ay power diminished, Venad became the southern most principality of the Second Chera Kingdom Invasion of Cholas into Venad caused the destruction of Kollam in 1096 ... Chera dynasty, is probably the founder of the Venad royal house, and the title of Chera kings, Kulasekara, was thenceforth kept by the rulers of Venad ...
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... The ruler of Venad at that time was Ravi Varma Kulasekhara, a son-in-law of Maaara Varma Kulasekhara ... His successors in Venad inherited his conquests and had to face the raids of Muppidi Nayaka of Warangal in 1316, The expedition of Khusru Khan in 1318 and the invasion of Mohamad ... Ahsan Shah in 1335, limited the areas under the control of Venad to Tirunelveli District only ...
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... In 14th century, kings of Venad (Venad Kulasekhara dynasty) accepted two princesses (Attingal Rani and Kunnumel Rani) from the house of Kolathiris and hence the latter are alternately also referred to ... After the 14th century, the Venad rulers gradually intermarried with the Namboothiris, and sometimes with the Nairs, adopting the custom of Marumakkathayam ...