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Optional Issues

Image Type Serial
Design Notes

Optional Issues - Passenger 123·ABC
Types confirmed as using 1ABC2 format: Blue Knights, Combat Wounded, Ducks Unlimited, Fraternal Order of Police, Garden Clubs, Greenways, Laos War Veteran, Meriden, Norwich, Olympic Spirit, Silent Service, UCONN. Letters I, O, and Q are used in any letter position. Elks previously used 123-ELK; UCONN 1999 NCAA National Champions: 123·PEP; Olympic Spirit: 123·WIN; Penn State University: 123·PSU.
Special issues - Combination 1CAB2
Caring for Pets 123·PET
Keep Kids Safe 123·ZZY Previously 123·KID, 123·TOT, 123·ZZZ.
Olympic Spirit 123·WIN
Police Memorial 123·OFC
Preserve the Sound - Passenger 123·LAA LAK, LAL, LAM, LAN, LAO, LAP, LAR, LAS, and LAT series use Maine dies.
Preserve the Sound - Camp Trailer
Preserve the Sound - Camper 123·LA "CAMP" embossed vertically.
Preserve the Sound - Combination 123·LA "COMB" printed vertically to left of serial. Serials issued in descending order from 999·LZ.
Preserve the Sound - Combination Handicapped 123L "COMB" printed vertically to left of serial.
Preserve the Sound - Commercial 123·CA "COMM" printed vertically to left of serial; red serial. Previously 000·LA, for which the high is 269·LC.
Preserve the Sound - Handicapped 123L
United We Stand - Passenger 1BAC2 Original format was 000·USA.
United We Stand - Combination 1BCA2 "CO" and "MB" embossed vertically above and below separator dot. Original format was USA·123.
Veteran - Passenger 123·VAA Originally 123·VET, then VAA and up.
Veteran - Camper
Veteran - Combination 123·VSA "CO" and "MB" embossed vertically above and below separator dot. Originally 123·VET.
Veteran - Combination Handicapped 1V·23 Wheelchair embossed at right of plate. Format of 1V23 followed by "COMB" embossed vertically through at least 1V13; switched to format of 1V·23 with "CO" and "MB" embossed vertically above and below a separator dot at 3V·56 or lower.
Veteran - Commercial 123·VZA
Veteran - Handicapped 1V·23 Wheelchair embossed to left of serial. Previously 000·V
Veteran - Motorcycle "Veteran - MC" legend.
Veteran with V/E/T 123
Veteran - POW 123
Volunteer Firefighter - Passenger 123·AB "Constitution State" slogan with small logo at right.
Volunteer Firefighter - Combination 123·CA "Constitution State" slogan with small logo at right.

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