VBS may refer to:

  • Brescia Airport's IATA airport code
  • Vacation Bible School, a specialized form of religious education which focuses on children
  • Valley Beth Shalom, a synagogue in Encino, California
  • Variable Ballast System
  • VBScript, a computer scripting language developed by Microsoft
  • VBS.tv, the broadband video network of Vice magazine
  • VBS1, an interactive 3D battlefield simulation training system
  • VBS2, Virtual Battlespace 2, the successor of VBS1
  • Vereinigte Breslauer Sportfreunde, a defunct German football club
  • Vetting & Barring Scheme, UK
  • VBS, a composite video format with Video, Blank, and Sync signals

Other articles related to "vbs":

VBS2 - Features
... The After-Action-Review module allows detailed review of a completed training mission, with every player, AI, vehicle movement being recorded, as well as any bullet path and any destruction to objects or terrain ... The VBS2 terrain editing tool, Visitor 3, will support direct import of terrain and shape data to recreate any area of operation in the simulation ...
Go Fish (Christian Band) - Miscellaneous
... summer of 2009 Go Fish came out with a Vacation Bible School (VBS) curriculum called "Backstage with the Bible." The next year, they released another VBS titled "Kickin' it Old School" ... Go Fish released another VBS in the summer of 2012 titled "Praise" ...