Vayetze - in Inner-biblical Interpretation - Genesis Chapter 29

Genesis Chapter 29

Jacob’s meeting of Rachel at the well in Genesis 29:1–12 is the Torah’s second of several meetings at watering holes that lead to marriage. Also of the same type scene are Abraham’s servant’s meeting (on behalf of Isaac) of Rebekah at the well in Genesis 24:11–27 and Moses’ meeting of Zipporah at the well in Exodus 2:15–21. Each involves (1) a trip to a distant land, (2) a stop at a well, (3) a young woman coming to the well to draw water, (4) a heroic drawing of water, (5) the young woman going home to report to her family, (6) the visiting man brought to the family, and (7) a subsequent marriage.

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Vayetze - In Classical Rabbinic Interpretation - Genesis Chapter 29
... The Gemara cited the words “And it came to pass” (וַיְהִי, wa-yehi) in Genesis 2910 as an exception to the general rule taught by Rabbi Levi, or some say Rabbi Jonathan, in a ... And the Gemara also cited the instances of Genesis 112 followed by Genesis 114 Genesis 141 followed by Genesis 142 Joshua 513 followed by the rest of Joshua 513 ... and there was morning one day,” in Genesis 15, as well as Genesis 2910, and 1 Kings 61 ...

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