Vattikuti Urology Institute

The Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI) at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan is a clinical and research center for urological care. The VUI is notable for being the first institute to establish robotic surgery as a treatment for patients with prostate cancer. To date, the VUI has performed more than 5,000 robotic procedures. The institute currently has 110 regular staff members, 19 full-time senior staff members, 14 clinical staff members and 5 full-time Ph.D scientists. Ranked consistently high by U.S. News and World Report, VUI is also one of the largest and most active urology departments in the United States, with nearly 50,000 patients annually from all 50 states and nearly 25 countries.

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Mahendra Bhandari - Vattikuti Urology Institute
... Mani Menon and his team of robotic surgeons at the Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI) in 2005, to aid them in advancing methods to treat prostate cancer and other ... He is also actively promoting the development of robotic surgery in Indian urology ...

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