Varshney, Varshnei, Varshnai, Varshnaya, Warshne, Varshni, Vrishni or Vrushni are Indian family names. They are variant spellings of the name Varshneya, first recorded in the Mahābhārata as used by Arjuna to address Vasudeva Krishna. This group is collectively known as Barsaaney, Barahseni, or Barashaney. In the 1880 census of British India this group was recorded with the name of Bara-Saini

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Ishwar Das Varshnei
... Ishwar Das Varshney (died 1948) was the father of the glass industry in India ... He was assisted by his wife Vidya Devi Varshney in times of struggle ... Varshney Memorial Lecture of the Indian Ceramic Society is given in his honor ...