Variants of The M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - Italy


  • Arisgator - Italian company Aris, has developed a full Amphibious version of M113 called Arisgator. This version carries the same amount of troops as the normal M113. photo
  • VCC-1 - Oto Melara 7 passengers improved XM765 ( M113A1 ) with rear and side sloped armor, firing ports, Browning M2 shields and smoke-grenade launchers; 600 to 800 produced
  • VCC-2 - Oto Melara VCC-1 improved version without rear sloped armor (11 passengers); 1100 to 1300 produced
  • VTC-9
  • M113 CESV
  • SIDAM 25 - A Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon

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