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List Of Tenko Characters - The Dutch
... Domenica Van Meyer Mrs Van Meyer was a resident of Kampong Getah who was captured in 1942 ... Van Meyer soon became the resident sycophant, favouring those with colonialist backgrounds ... Van Meyer faced claims of being a collaborator after she became a hairdresser to Miss Hassan but these claims were not taken seriously ...
Tenko (TV series) - First Series
... Van Meyer, the Dutch having brought many of their possessions with them ... Van Meyer,who resents being forced to work by the Japanese, in exchange for money in order to buy food for Violet from the trader coming to the camp selling food ... Van Meyer accuses the British children of theft, but Debbie discovers that it's actually Blanche preparing for her escape and tries to blackmail her into allowing her to join in ...
Tenko (TV series) - Tenko Reunion
... work in Asia, Domenica Forster-Brown (Elizabeth Chambers), the now happily re-married Mrs Van Meyer, nurse and now doctor-in-training Kate Norris (Clare Oberman), Alice Courtenay (Cindy Shelley ... Dominica Van Meyer is living at her husband's estate in Malaya, not far from Singapore ... are reconciled with Mrs Forster-Brown who is in fact Dominica Van Meyer, remarried after the death of her first husband shortly after the war ...
Tenko (TV series) - Second Series
... Van Meyer has recovered from beri-beri and Debbie Bowen dies from a spider bite along the journey ... Van Meyer, who is currently acting as her maid while Daisy is ill ... gives her some lipstick she stole from Van Meyer, and offers to escort her through the jungle to the rendezvous ...

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    Whether in the field of health, education or welfare, I have put my emphasis on preventive rather than curative programs and tried to influence our elaborate, costly and ill- co-ordinated welfare organizations in that direction. Unfortunately the momentum of social work is still directed toward compensating the victims of our society for its injustices rather than eliminating those injustices.
    —Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    I please
    To plant some more dew-wet anemones
    That they may weep.
    —Unknown. The Thousand and One Nights.

    AWP. Anthology of World Poetry, An. Mark Van Doren, ed. (Rev. and enl. Ed., 1936)