Vaikhānasa is one of the principal traditions of Hinduism and primarily worships Vishnu (and his associated Avatars) as the Supreme God.The followers are mainly Brahmins of Krishna Yajurveda Taittiriya Shakha and Vaikhanasa Kalpasutra. The name Vaikhānasa stands for both the followers as well as the fundamental philosophy itself with the name derived from founder, Sage Vaikhanasa. It is principally monotheistic in its philosophy, whilst also incorporating elements which could be described as being panentheistic. Vaikhanansas principle focuses on rituals and worship of Lord Vishnu rather than the philosophy of Uttara Mimamsa, unlike Vaishnavism, the larger and more prevalent form on Vishnu worship.

Vaikhanasa bhagavath Shastra is the guiding principle for rituals in Tirumala Venkateswara temple

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Vaikhanasa - Doctrines
... Vaikhanasas claim to be a surviving school of Vedic ritual, the Taittiriya shakha of the Krishna Yajurveda ... Vaikhanasa tradition says the sage 'Vikhanas, who was a manifestation of Lord Mahavishnu', had the upanayanam along with Brahma consecrated by His father Lord ... came down to earth's most holy place Naimisaranyam composed the Vaikhanasa Kalpasutra and taught SrivaikhanasaBhagawatSastra to four disciples viz ...
Vaikhanasa - History
... portal Hindu Mythology portal The Vaikhanasa Brahmins/Vaikhanasas originated as a group of ascetics ... the third of the four asramas, stages of life, and mentions a "Vaikhanasa rule." Other ancient authorities support this reference, so it seems there was a Vaikhanasa ascetic ... Surviving Vaikhanasa sutras are no older than the fourth century CE ...