Vacuum Solution (general Relativity)

Vacuum Solution (general Relativity)

In general relativity, a vacuum solution is a Lorentzian manifold whose Einstein tensor vanishes identically. According to the Einstein field equation, this means that the stress-energy tensor also vanishes identically, so that no matter or non-gravitational fields are present.

More generally, a vacuum region in a Lorentzian manifold is a region in which the Einstein tensor vanishes.

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Vacuum Solution (general Relativity) - Examples
... Well known examples of explicit vacuumsolutions include Minkowski spacetime which describes empty space with no cosmological constant)Milne model which is a model developed by E ... Milne describing an empty universe which has no curvature)Schwarzschild vacuum(which describes the spacetime geometry around a spherical mass) Kerr vacuum(which describes the geometry around a ... Wild 1982)(a Schwarzschild object immersed in an ambient almost uniform"gravitational field) double Kerr vacuum(two Kerr objects sharing the same axis of rotation,but held apart by ...

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