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OPV AIDS Hypothesis - Background: Polio Vaccines - Vaccine Production
... inherent to the process were well controlled, seed stocks of vaccines were occasionally transported to distant regions, then standard tissue culture methods were used to amplify the virus ... harvested from local primates and used in the production process if wild or captive populations of appropriate species were available ... In South Africa, African green monkey tissue was used to amplify the Sabin vaccine ...
Global Spread Of H5N1 In 2006 - December
... Vaccine Production We have invested over $1 billion in the development of new cell-culture technologies for influenza vaccine production, and will soon announce contracts to adapt ... to be safe and effective, adjuvants could allow a dramatic reduction in the amount of vaccine necessary to immunize a person against a pandemic virus, thereby allowing us to vaccinate many more people with our ...
Influenza Research - Vaccines - Pandemic Flu Vaccine Planning
... on November 8, 2005 Currently, influenza vaccine for the annual, seasonal influenza program comes from four manufacturers ... However, only a single manufacturer produces the annual vaccine entirely within the U.S ... a pandemic occurred and existing U.S.-based influenza vaccine manufacturing capacity was completely diverted to producing a pandemic vaccine, supply would ...

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