USS Narragansett (AT-88)

USS Narragansett (AT-88)

USS Narragansett (AT-88) was a Navajo-class fleet tug constructed for the United States Navy during World War II. Her purpose was to aid ships, usually by towing, on the high seas or in combat or post-combat areas, plus "other duties as assigned." She served in the Atlantic Ocean and, at war’s end, returned home proudly with three battle stars to her credit.

The fourth Narragansett to be so-named by the U.S. Navy, AT-88 was laid down on 31 January 1942 by the Cramp Shipbuilding Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; launched on 8 August 1942, sponsored by Miss Lois Kinehen Hill, and commissioned on 15 January 1943, Lt. (j.j.) C. J. Wichmann in command.

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