Uses of Compost - Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Topsoil loss is a serious ecological issue. The use of compost to control sediment run-off and fight erosion is a relatively new technology, now being adopted by local authorities, developers, farmers, and other major disturbers of soil as another tool to reduce topsoil loss.

A layer of compost spread over a disturbed area of soil is called a compost blanket. With a high water-holding capacity, compost is not tilled into the soil but remains on the surface to temper the impact of rainfall. Even small amounts can help, but typical recommendations call for a 5 cm (2 in.) layer to insure adequate surface coverage. The blanket can also be directly planted into.

Compost berms and socks are used alone or in conjunction with compost blankets to mitigate the impact of high volume water discharges and flows. Compost berms are more aesthetically pleasing than silt fences and eliminate the need to remove the berm when the project is complete. Over time, a compost berm simply biodegrades and returns to the earth. As the name implies, a compost sock is a mesh tube stuffed with compost. Socks stand up better to heavy equipment, can be anchored in place, and are easily removed/reused. If a biodegradable fiber is used for the sock, it can also be left in place to biodegrade. This is rarely if ever practiced, however, since it defeats the idea of the sock.

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