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USB Human Interface Device Class
... In computing, the USB human interface device class (USB HID class) is a part of the USB specification for computer peripherals it specifies a device class (a type ... The USB HID class is defined in a number of documents provided by the USB Implementers Forum's Device Working Group ... The primary document used to describe the USB HID class is the Device Class Definition for HID 1.11 ...
Classes of USB KVM Switches
... With the popularity of USB USB keyboards, mice and I/O devices are still the most common devices connected to a KVM switch ... core technologies in terms of the KVM switch handling USB I/O devices--including keyboard, mouse, touch screen display, etc ... (USB HID class devices- Human Interface Devices ) ...
USB Human Interface Device Class - Logical Specifications - Reports
... The USB HID class requires that every device describes how it will communicate with the host device in order to accurately predict and define all current and future human interface devices ... When a vendor makes a custom USB HID class device, the reports formed by the device need to match the report description given during enumeration and the driver installed on the host system ... In this way it is possible for the USB HID class to be extremely flexible ...
USB Human Interface Device Class - Devices
... The USB HID class describes devices used with nearly every modern computer ... Many predefined functions exist in the USB HID class ... These functions allow hardware manufacturers to design a product to USB HID class specifications and expect it to work with any software that also meets these specifications ...

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