US Missile Defense Complex in Poland - Reformulated Obama Administration Project

Reformulated Obama Administration Project

The reformulated project announced most prominently by Vice President Biden in October, 2009, would entail smaller, mobile SM-3 interceptors, to be placed by 2018. The whole of the Obama plan "envisions stationing existing SM-3 interceptors as part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense on Aegis-equipped ships in the Mediterranean Sea and elsewhere by 2011, and on land in Central Europe by 2015, part of a European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA). A more advanced system would be deployed by 2018, including in Poland as EPAA phase 3, and another generation, theoretically capable of shooting down intercontinental missiles, (EPAA phase 4) by 2020." Phase 4 was cancelled however in March 2013, triggering some speculation that it was a concession promised by Obama to Dmitry Medvedev before the United States presidential election, 2012; the allegations of Russian influence over this decision were however refuted by the Pentagon.

The base will be located at Redzikowo.

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