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Urania's refracting telescope is equipped with a Fraunhofer two-lens system of 30 cm aperture and focal length of 5.05 meters, allowing maximal 600-fold magnification (mostly used 150- to 205-fold magnification). The refractor in the dome area is the center of the imposing tower building: The telescope stands on a pillar, contact-free installed through the center of the building to the foundations of the business house Urania, fitted with anti-vibration installations.

Its optical telescope measures twelve tons and was designed by Carl Zeiss AG in Jena, Germany, considered as a technical masterpiece. Urania's refractor topped technological history as «Urania type». On its centenary anniversary, telescope and dome were fully renewed. The Zeiss telescope, still meeting today's demands, was dismantled in March 2006, and in Jena fully restored. On April 25, 2007, the telescope was hoisted into the observatory's 51 m high dome, on May 4, 2007, its second opening ceremony was celebrated.

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