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Third Dynasty Of Ur - Literature
... Sumerian texts were mass produced in the Ur III period however, the word 'revival' to describe this period is misleading because archaeological evidence does not offer evidence of a ... The Ur III Dynasty attempted to establish ties to the early kings of Uruk by claiming to be their familial relations ... For example, the Ur III kings often claimed Gilgamesh's divine parents, Ninsun and Lugalbanda, as their own, probably to evoke a comparison to the epic hero ...
Citadel Of Arbil - History - Ur III To The Sassanids
... the end of the 3rd millennium BC in historical records of the Ur III period as Urbilum ... successor Amar-Sin, Urbilum was incorporated into the Ur III state ... great revolt against Shamshi-Adad V that broke out over the succession of Shalmaneser III ...

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