Upper Incisors

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Interdental Consonant
... of the tongue (the top surface just behind the tip of the tongue) against the upper incisors ... consonant in that the tip of the tongue is placed between the upper and lower front teeth, and therefore may articulate with both the upper and lower incisors, while a dental ... both the tip and the blade making contact with the back of the upper teeth and alveolar ridge, as in French t, d, n, l ...
Ferugliotherium - Description - Incisors
... Three fragmentary Ferugliotherium lower incisors (MACN Pv-RN 701A, 701B, and 701C) are known from the Los Alamitos Formation ... Another incisor, MACN Pv-RN 970, was assigned to Ferugliotherium by Bonaparte in 1990, but it is much larger than the other three incisors, which are otherwise similar, and probably ... Only the tips of the three incisors are preserved ...

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