The abbreviation UNPA can refer to several different entities:

  • In India, the United National Progressive Alliance
  • In the United States:
    • United Neurodiagnostic Professionals of America, a professional membership organization
  • In the United Nations:
    • United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, a proposed elected parliament for the UN
    • United Nations Postal Administration, the postal system of the UN
    • United Nations Protected Area (UNFICYP) in Cyprus, containing the disused Nicosia International Airport and the Headquarters of UNFICYP
    • United Nations Protected Area (UNPROFOR) in the former Yugoslav Republic of Croatia, one of the three areas (Eastern Slavonia, Western Slavonia and Krajina) which were supposed safe havens under the protection of UNPROFOR
  • In Mexico, Universidad del Papaloapan, located in Oaxaca state, in the city of Tuxtepec

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Campaign For The Establishment Of A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly - History
... Although the CEUNPA's early literature seemed to emphasize indirect election of the UNPA as a necessary first step, in November 2007, the organization ... Similarly, early CEUNPA statements stressed the UNPA's oversight role over the UN and its bodies, but the November 2007 statement clarified that the UNPA could also have a role overseeing the ...
United Nations Parliamentary Assembly - Legitimacy and Accountability
... One of the main purposes for the creation of a UNPA is enhancing UN accountability and legitimacy ... By holding hearings, issuing reports, and passing resolutions, the UNPA could exercise oversight over other UN bodies ... the UN's mandate has grown exponentially the UNPA would act as a watch-dog on its activities, monitoring its decision-making deadlines, its accountability and ...
United Nations Parliamentary Assembly
... A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is a proposed addition to the United Nations System that would allow for participation of member nations' legislators and ... Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly was formed in 2007 to coordinate pro-UNPA efforts, which as of December 2011 has received the support of over 800 Members of Parliament from over 100 ... Supporters have set forth possible UNPA implementations, including promulgation of a new treaty creation of a UNPA as a subsidiary body of the UN General Assembly and ...
United Nations Postal Administration - History - Controversy
... In 1981, interest began to diminish after controversy erupted concerning the UNPA's issuance of stamps for the "Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People" ... The fifteen cent denomination became the first UNPA stamp since 1954 to sell fewer than a million copies when more than a million were printed ... issue to sell fewer than a half-million copies where at least that many were printed in UNPA history ...