University of Wisconsin Colleges

The University of Wisconsin Colleges is a unit of the University of Wisconsin System composed of 13 local campuses and one online campus, University of Wisconsin Colleges Online.

The campuses are:

  • University of Wisconsin–Baraboo/Sauk County
  • University of Wisconsin–Barron County
  • University of Wisconsin–Fond du Lac
  • University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley
  • University of Wisconsin–Manitowoc
  • University of Wisconsin–Marathon County
  • University of Wisconsin–Marinette
  • University of Wisconsin–Marshfield/Wood County
  • University of Wisconsin–Richland
  • University of Wisconsin–Rock County
  • University of Wisconsin–Sheboygan
  • University of Wisconsin–Washington County
  • University of Wisconsin–Waukesha
  • University of Wisconsin Colleges Online

An Associate's Degree can be earned at any of the campuses, including the online campus. The UW Colleges is also frequently used as a stepping stone in order to transfer to another institution in the University of Wisconsin System. This is facilitated by the "Guaranteed Transfer Program" whereby a student is guaranteed admission as a junior to another institution if certain requirements are met.

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