Unipolar may refer to:

  • Unipolar depression or unipolar disorder: a state of intense sadness, melancholia or despair that has advanced to the point of being disruptive to an individual's social functioning and/or activities of daily living
  • Unipolar encoding, a line code
  • Unipolar generator, a DC electrical generator in which the magnetic field has the same polarity at every point, so that the armature passes through the magnetic field lines of force continually in the same direction
  • Unipolar induction, also known as homopolar generator
  • Unipolar motor, a type of small DC electric motor commonly found in small, portable cassette players
  • Unipolar neuron, a neuron with a single neurite, round body and with different segments that serve as superficial receptors or terminals
  • Unipolar transistor, alternate name for a field-effect transistor, which differs from a bipolar transistor in that only one type of charge carrier is involved in its operation
  • Unipolarity, one form of polarity in international relations

Other articles related to "unipolar":

Polarity In International Relations - Unipolarity
... professor of political science at Yale University, argues that three features are endemic to unipolar systems Unipolarity is an interstate system and not an empire ... The power projection limitations of the unipole is a distinguishing characteristic between unipolar and hegemonic systems ... Unipolar systems possess only one great power and face no competition ...
Unipolar Neuron
... A unipolar neuron is a type of neuron in which only one protoplasmic process (neurite) extends from the cell body ... Unipolar neurons that begin as bipolar neurons during development are known as pseudounipolar neurons ... Unipolar neurons are common in insects, where the cell body is often located at the periphery of the brain and is electrically inactive ...
Nervous Tissue - Classification of Neurons
... groups make up this classification multipolar (polar = end, pole), bipolar and unipolar neurons ... Unipolar Neurons Sensory neurons have only a single process or fibre which divides close to the cell body into two main branches (axon and dendrite) ... Because of their structure they are often referred to as unipolar neurons ...
Homopolar Generator - Astrophysical Unipolar Inductors
... Unipolar inductors occur in astrophysics where a conductor rotates through a magnetic field, for example, the movement of the highly conductive plasma in a cosmic body's ionosphere through its magnetic ... and is usually called 'homopolar ' or 'unipolar' induction Unipolar inductors have been associated with the aurorae on Uranus, binary stars, black holes, galaxies, the Jupiter Io system, the Moon, the Solar Wind ...