Unio Trium Nationum

Unio Trium Nationum (Latin for "Union of the Three Nations") was a pact of mutual aid codified in 1438 by three Estates of Transylvania: the (largely Hungarian) nobility, the Saxon (German) burghers, and the free military Szeklers.

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... and Saxons was reinforced in the agreement called „Unio Trium Nationum” (Union of three Nations) on February 2, 1438 ...
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... burghers and the Székelys formed the Unio Trium Nationum (The Union of the Three Nations), an alliance of mutual aid against the peasants, jointly pledging to defend their privileges against any power except that of ... the political system was based on the Unio Trium Nationum and the society was led by these three privileged nations (Estates) the nobility (mostly Hungarians), the Szeklers and the ... examples of legal decisions taken by the three nations some hundred years after Unio Trium Nationum (1542–1555) are illustrative the Romanian could not appeal to justice against Hungarians and Saxons, but the ...