Uncorrected Sample Variance

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Bias Of An Estimator - Examples - Sample Variance
... random variables with expectation μ and variance σ2 ... If the sample mean and uncorrected sample variance are defined as then S2 is a biased estimator of σ2, because In other words, the expected value of the uncorrected sample ... The sample mean, on the other hand, is an unbiased estimator of the population mean μ ...

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    There is an untroubled harmony in everything, a full consonance in nature; only in our illusory freedom do we feel at variance with it.
    Fyodor Tyutchev (1803–1873)

    Such uncorrected visions end in church
    Or registrar:
    A mortgaged semi- with a silver birch;
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    The present war having so long cut off all communication with Great-Britain, we are not able to make a fair estimate of the state of science in that country. The spirit in which she wages war is the only sample before our eyes, and that does not seem the legitimate offspring either of science or of civilization.
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