Ulf of Borresta

Ulf of Borresta (Old Norse: Ulfr í Báristöðum, modern Swedish: Ulf i Borresta) was not only a runemaster in the eleventh century Uppland, Sweden, but also a successful Viking who returned from England three times with a share of the Danegeld. He is named after his estate which in modern Swedish is called Borresta or Bårresta (Old Norse: Báristaðir or Bárastaði).

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Ulf Of Borresta - Runestones in Ulf's Memory
... runestones (runestone U 344 and runestone U 343) which were raised in Ulf's memory and they were raised together as a monument at Yttergärde ... This stone is notable because it commemorates that Ulf had taken three danegelds in England ... It is a remarkable feat in itself to summarize Ulf's adventurous life in so few unsentimental words ...