Ukrainian Canadian Internment

The Ukrainian Canadian internment was part of the confinement of "enemy aliens" in Canada during and for two years after the end of the First World War, lasting from 1914 to 1920, under the terms of the War Measures Act that would be used again, in the Second World War, against Japanese Canadians.

About 4,000 Ukrainian men and some women and children of Austro-Hungarian citizenship were kept in twenty-four internment camps and related work sites – also known, at the time, as concentration camps. Many were released in 1916 to help with the mounting labour shortage. Another 80,000 were registered as "enemy aliens" and obliged to regularly report to the police. Those interned had whatever little wealth they owned confiscated and were forced to work for the profit of their gaolers.

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List Of Concentration And Internment Camps - Canada - Internment of Jewish Refugees - Ukrainian Canadian Internment
... were interned, including 5,954 Austro-Hungarians, most of whom were probably ethnic Ukrainians ... Many of these internees were used for forced labour in internment camps ... See Ukrainian Canadian internment, Castle Mountain Internment Camp, and Eaton Internment Camp ...
Ukrainian Canadian Internment - Legacy
... Since 1985, the organized Ukrainian-Canadian community has sought official acknowledgment for this World War I internment, conducting a campaign that underscored the moral ... included the memorialization of places of internment as historic sites ... Currently there are twenty plaques and memorials across Canada commemorating the internment, including two at the locations of former concentration camps in Banff National ...

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