Ugly Hill

Ugly Hill is a webcomic written and drawn by Paul Southworth. The titular Ugly Hill is the home town of the main characters.

Ugly Hill is currently a part of Blank Label Comics. On 2006-11-07 it was announced that Ugly Hill would be published on Viper Comics' website. Ugly Hill has also been published in newspapers, notably The Turlock Journal (Turlock, CA), due to Ugly Hill's association with Keenspot.

Ugly Hill was recognized with the Web Cartoonist's Choice Award 2006 for Outstanding Character Art and a nomination in 2007 for Outstanding Character Rendering.

The Web comic has had several guest authors/artists, such as Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary and Kristofer Straub of Starslip Crisis.

Paul Southworth has been a guest speaker at two major conventions in recent years, the New York Comic Con in 2006 and Vericon in 2007.

On March 29, 2009, Paul Southworth concluded adding new content to Ugly Hill. Paul's newest active project is "Not Invented Here".

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... Russian owner of a local convenience store in Ugly Hill ... In a subsequent forum post on the "Ugly Hill" section of the shared Blank Label Comics message board, Creator Paul Southworth indicated that he had "...been ... legality of their marriage, as it was not considered official by the municipality of Ugly Hill until Hastings officially divorced from Daisy ...

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