Tyumen - Cityscape - Overview


Historically, Tyumen occupied a small area on the high bank of the Tura River around the foundation site of the city. The city consisted of one and two story wooden buildings, surrounded by a number of villages. With time, the territory of the city was developed and extended by including the surrounding villages.

Present-day Tyumen has a decentralized feel. When viewed from above, Tyumen appears to be a collection of low-rise towns with occasional clusters of tall buildings.

Two areas of the city, Yamalskaya Sloboda and Republic Street are noted for their historic character. These areas are dominated by old brick and wooden merchant houses and buildings, with the occasional intrusion of mid-century Soviet low-rise buildings.

Bukharskaya Sloboda - a Historic residential area on the low bank of the Tura river. This area is mostly made up of very old one and two story wooden buildings. The area is part of the Historical Center on the city and has a mostly Muslim population.

Low bank Dormitories - this cluster of standard 9 story buildings was built on reclaimed land east of Bukharskaya Sloboda - Zareka and Vatutina.

City Center - the area at east of the Historical town built between 1948 and 1978 and is mostly 4 and 5 story buildings. Earlier buildings in this area have individual designs, but the later builtings have a rectangular style. This area contains most of the political and business activities of the town.

New Center - the modern area almost at the center of the town and is built over demolished wooden houses and industrial areas. This area contains mostly tall buildings and is a mix of the dormitory areas and business centers.

Old Dormitories - this area features standard 5 storey blocks of flats constructed in the 1960s and 1970s at the west and east extremities of the city. However, today this area is actually in the town center. While there are almost no variety in the area's architecture, this area has the most greenery in the city and the best social infrastructure.

New dormitories - this area features clusters of standard tall buildings constructed after year 1980 at the south and south-east edges of Tyumen. This area is considered to be the worst place to live in the city. The area is remote, badly planned, and has very poor social infrastructure. The best feature of this areas is a better natural environment when compare to city center.

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