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Accuracy International Arctic Warfare - Design Details - Barrel
... the available cartridge chamberings all have a different length, groove cutting and rifling twist rate optimized for their respective chambering and intended ammunition ... For the.243 Winchester chambering barrels the twist rate is 254 mm (1 in 10 in) and for.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO chambering barrel variants the twist rate is 305 mm (1 ... Twists are one turn in 10,11,12,13 and 14 inches for 7.62 MM depending on RFP ...
FN FNC - Variants
... barrels with 6 right-hand grooves and a 178 mm (17 in) rifling twist rate (used to stabilize the heavier Belgian SS109 bullets), while the Model 0000 rifle and Model 6000 carbine ... Enforcement (Model 7030 with a 1 in 178 mm rifling twist and the Model 6040—with a 1 in 305 mm twist rate) ...
Rifling - Twist Rate - Bullet Revolutions Per Minute (rpm)
... rpm, depending on the bullet's muzzle velocity (MV) and the barrel's twist rate ... For a bullet, the specific formula below uses the bullet's MV and the barrel's twist rate to calculate rotational speed MV(in fps) x (12/twist rate in inches) x 60 = Bullet rpm For example, a bullet with a muzzle ...
Accuracy International AWM - Magnum Calibres - .338 Lapua Magnum
... The rifle's barrel has an unconventional 279 mm (111 in) right-hand twist rate, optimized for firing.338-calibre very-low-drag bullets up to 16.85 g (260 gr)..338-calibre HPBT Scenar can be used, but require a 254 mm (110 in) twist rate to stabilize them under high air density conditions as found on arctic coasts ... Further the AX338 has a 238 mm (19.375 in) twist rate to adequately stabilize longer, heavier.338 caliber very-low-drag projectile designs that became more ...
Supersonic Range Performance of The .338 Lapua Magnum - Performance Improvement Experiments With Non C.I.P. Conform Cartridges
... The common 254 mm (110 inch) rifling twist rate also has to be tightened to stabilize very long projectiles ... custom or customized rifle with an appropriately cut chamber and fast-twist bore ... equipped with custom made 178 mm (17 inch) progressive twist rate 900 mm (35.43 in) long barrels with a 2° cone-angle (the standard C.I.P ...

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